Friday, January 7, 2011

welcome! ( ●ˋ ◡ ˊ● )

Welcome to my blog! :D
Since I am not feeling all that creative, I'll just use this first post as a little introduction. 

My real name is Seana. I am eighteen years old, currently residing in the United States. I love spooky and sweet things alike. As long as its cute I'll probably love it! I'd like to say I have good taste in what's cute, but that's coming from me so I'm not sure if that counts~ 

I really love SPANK!, fairy kei, 80's, 6%DOKIDOKI, decora, gyaru, and some ott sweet lolita. Of course pastels aren't the only thing I love, I just love them the most. Neons come in a close second, and black&white go with anything. :3 I'm really picky with color coordinating, its something I need to work on (being less picky about). > A<

I'm gonna finish rambling now. I'm still trying to get used to this whole thing. 
Anyways, see you guys in the next post!

With Love and Pastel Candy-Coated Kisses, 
☆ Princess Sprinkles