Monday, May 23, 2011

small note + cute can kill collaboration!!

Hey guys. οΎ★

I know I was supposed to make the second part of my Sakura-Con/6%DOKIDOKI post, but my camera has been a bit wonky so it has been delayed for a while. u__u

Anyways, I have exciting news!
As some of you might have heard, I am doing a collab with Cute Can Kill, a pastel-kei accessory shop based in Italy! Well, the items are out for purchase~

Aren't they lovely! Lila did such a marvelous job bringing my designs to life~
There are 2 other colorways I designed available as well.

Here's CCK's webshop and Facebook page!!
Hope you enjoy, and possibly look forward to more collaborations also with others soon!

★ Seana ★