Tuesday, April 26, 2011

★ An update? Finally! + 30 followers! ★

I know I haven't made a new blog entry in a really long time! D:
If you follow me on tumblr, then I'm sure you know I'm much more active there...
But I haven't forgotten about you all here either!

Anyways, I now have 30 followers here! 
I think that's pretty awesome even if it isn't that much to most people.
Thank you! It always makes me happy to know people like my blog enough to follow. ; u;

I have been meaning to make some new posts as well.
Here are some things to look forward to in the near future:
★ Updated "tips/guide" sort of thing for fairy-kei fashion.
★ Sakura-Con 2011 + 6%DOKIDOKI post.

I'm always looking for post suggestions, so feel free to tell me what kinds of posts you'd like to see!

★ Seana 
(I need some sort of sign-off phrase...I'll work on that too. o Ao)

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