Monday, February 28, 2011

Four reasons why I love Fairy-kei the best!

(This was taken from my tumblr. Thought it would be a nice idea to post it here as well.)

- The style is quite versatile. You can tone down the pastels or wear nothing but pastels! You can also wear other cute colors with it like black/white, hot pink and other neon colors, and it can still look good. 
- There isn’t some bullshit strict set of “rules” that Fairy girls must follow. I think this is mostly because the style is quite general. The only “rule” I can think of isn’t even a rule, but rather what determines the style itself - pastel colors.
- The style is pretty affordable. Don’t have cash to splurge on Spank! or Nile Perch? You can still find super cute things at the mall or in secondhand/thrift shops! If you look around it is quite easy to build a Fairy wardrobe. 
- The Fairy-kei community is very friendly. I’ve never seen any drama over Fairy style as of yet (though it might be because the style just isn’t as popular, thus less people, thus less of an amount of “bad eggs”). I am thankful for this.

Feel free to comment on why you like Fairy-kei, or if you agree or not! :3

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  1. Hullo! I have lovveed reading your blog so far and just wanted to share why I love the concept of becoming a 'Fairy girl' too. I completely agree with everything you have said in the post above, especially the ease and affordability of the pieces I have seen online so far. My sister introduced me to the world of lolita and casual lolita, so it has also been really cool being able to coo over cute accessories and not argue all the time :D haha