Saturday, February 26, 2011

★ミ tips for fairy-kei beginners! ★ミ

(This can also apply to popkei/spank! beginners as well!)

Most of these things are what I learned as a beginner, and I hope they help all of you cuties out there who are just getting into the fashion, or might be having trouble and looking for a few pointers. 

★ミ Thrift and secondhand shopping is really great for those who don't feel like spending big on brands like Nile Perch or ManiaQ. Almost every time I've been to the local thrift store I have found at LEAST one thing that was pastel, 80's and/or cute. Online secondhand shopping like eBay and through LJ can be pretty cheap as well.

★ミ Start out slow! As you build up your wardrobe, don't be in too much a hurry to wear every pastel item you can. Ease into it and have fun mix-n-matching your coords until you find your style. 

★ミ Don't be afraid to browse your typical mall retailers like Claire's and Forever21 for cute fairy-kei-able finds!  You might be surprised what you'll find. 

If I think of more tips, I shall edit this post later on.
 Feel free to comment on what your favorite thing about fairy-kei or spank! style is, and if you have any other tips I could add to this post, feel free to share them as well! 

With Love and Pastel Candy-Coated Kisses,
★ Princess Sprinkles ★


  1. uhh.. i made this background some months ago and it was on my tumblr for a while, eehrr.. well, you might have saved it and you could'nt have imagined it was made by me so... it's ok no problem ;) I had to tell you in any case XD

  2. oh.. I don't see it anymore! Use it if you want♥

  3. What background? The one I had before this current one? o___o A lot of the backgrounds I use and stuff were things I found on tumblr that were reblogged. I didn't mean to steal it or anything. D:

  4. °O° uuh I see, I'm sorry.. I don't know what it's happened xD when I opened your blog there was that shooting star bg, (a big one star with colored polka dots) oh I'm sure you did'nt!♥ You do really cute stuff btw♥
    Thanks and sorry again :3

  5. It's okay. xD I just don't want people thinking I'm trying to steal their stuff or anything. ; u;

  6. These are great tips! I know what you mean about the second hand shops and your average mall retailers, sometimes you're lucky if you look hard enough :D